My Road Leads Home
A Documentary Series On Homelessness
A Special Welcome to everyone who is finding us through the amazing work of Rick Clark and Giving Backpacks In Spokane. This is our documentary project homepage. We hope you’ll take a few minutes to explore what we’re doing to focus the attention of our community on homelessness and its many ripple effects. Discover how you of us can make a difference by serving those in need. The solution to homelessness, hunger, and marginalization may be waiting for YOU to get involved!
Welcome to My Road Leads Home, our new documentary series on homelessness in Spokane. The sub-title of our series is, “How One American City Is Working Together To Fight Homelessness And Poverty.” We chose these titles for a reason. First, from the least to the greatest, we all need a road home, wherever that home may be. Second, for the marginalized, the homeless and the most vulnerable of our community, finding and walking that road home requires a community that cares enough to make it possible.


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30 Days And 30 Ways Of Doing Good

30 Days And 30 Ways Of Doing Good is your daily guide on a journey through issues affecting our community, with articles written by people who are hands-on involved and making a difference. Take your Church, Sunday School Class, youth group or service club on a 30-Day journey through Hunger, Homelessness & Poverty, Human Trafficking, Justice, Veterans, Refugees, Adoption & Foster Care, Seniors, At-Risk Youth, And Much More!
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All books are available in both Print and Kindle Editions. Our books are written to encourage people who are practicing (or considering) organic house church, with particular emphases on discipleship and serving “the least of these.”

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