My Road Leads Home
A Documentary Series On Homelessness

Our Documentaries

The Dignity of A Shower

Do you shower every day? What would life be like if you couldn’t. 52% of the known and counted homeless in Spokane, Washington have no access to a shelter, a bed, or a shower (or many other things you and I take for granted). This is their story.

Give Me Shelter

Welcome to Give Me Shelter: The Story of the Cannon Street Warming Center, our third full-length documentary in the My Road Leads Home series of documentaries on homelessness in Spokane, Washington. This documentary follows the operation of a low-barrier warming center that functioned from November 23, 2019, until April 30, 2020. Below you’ll see 2 (yes, 2!) trailers, along with the full-length documentary (The trailers alone should make you want to watch the whole documentary!). Our special thanks to Mary Gauthier for her permission to use her amazing rendition of Mercy Me (you’re going to need some tissues for that one!). As you can see from the promotional flyer in the side menu, the full-length documentary recently premiered on Community-Minded Television (Comcast Channel 14). We want to encourage you to “watch and act.” Watch the film. Then act by getting a shareable link from YouTube and sharing it with all your friends and email contacts (and yes, you may even post it on your Facebook page!).

The Hidden Homeless

On Wednesday, March 4, we premiered The Hidden Homeless: Families Experiencing Homelessness at the Spokane International Film Festival (SpIFF). This represents our second installment in the My Road Leads Home series and looks at families experiencing homelessness in our community. We shine a light on the amazing work being done by ministries like Family Promise of Spokane and their Open Doors 24/7 Family Shelter, along with St. Margaret’s Family Shelter and the work of The Salvation Army. Both the shorter SpIFF version and the full-length Director’s Cut recently had their Broadcast Premiere on Community-Minded Television (Comcast Channel 14)!

The Spokane Homeless Connect

We filmed our first full-length documentary in January of 2019 and held a public premiere in May at the Spokane Public Library (See below). The Spokane Homeless Connect looks at an annual homeless services event that highlights how a community can come together to offer practical, meaningful help to those struggling with homelessness, or trying hard to avoid it.  At My Road Leads Home, we don’t want to run around documenting “homeless train wrecks.” We want to document people and agencies who know how to build railroads, who know how to make a difference, and who can teach us how to make a difference, too.

Reactions To My Road Leads Home

I have to say, you knocked it out of the park! – Michelle C.

It shares firsthand stories in a dignified way, it shows the great work and diversity of services in the community and it highlights the realities of the struggle of homelessness that I don’t believe lay-people often consider. . . Well done! – Angela S.

Documentary Premiere

An Amazing Success! The Premiere of My Road Leads Home:  Episode 1 – The Spokane Homeless Connect took place on Thursday evening, May 30, in the 3rd-floor event venue of the Spokane Public Library in downtown Spokane. Following the Premiere, the full-length documentary also aired multiple times on Community-Minded Television (Comcast Channel 14). More than 100 people filled the event venue to view the full-length documentary, to hear from the Executive Produce, to meet the documentary team and the planning committee for the 2019 Spokane Homeless Connect and to hear about plans for future documentaries. Now, you can enjoy the festivities and discover what Britain’s Got Talent, Susan Boyle and homelessness have in common. Thanks for joining us for the evening!