My Road Leads Home
A Documentary Series On Homelessness


Welcome to our documentary project homepage. We hope you’ll take a few minutes to explore what we’re doing to focus the attention of our community on homelessness and its many ripple effects, and how each of us can make a difference by serving those in need. The solution to homelessness, hunger, and marginalization may be waiting for YOU to get involved!

Quick Links. Discover how to serve the homeless and marginalized, and become part of our documentary support team, with these three quick links:
Our First Documentary Here’s the full-length version of our first documentary on homelessness, My Road Leads Home: Episode 1 – The Spokane Homeless Connect”
The Video of Our Premiere Night Join us and discover what “Britain’s Got Talent” and Susan Boyle and have to do with fighting homelessness and marginalization (trust us when we say you don’t want to miss this).
Our YouTube Channel This is where we store EVERYTHING (like the full-length interviews of all the shorter interviews you’ll see in the documentary). Take a minute to look around and subscribe!
Support Our Documentary Work – Here’s your chance to support our documentary work and get a complimentary book on how to serve those in need!

A Short Message From The Executive Producer

Welcome to My Road Leads Home, our new documentary series on homelessness in Spokane. The sub-title of our series is, “How One American City Is Working Together To Fight Homelessness And Poverty.” We chose these titles for a reason. First, from the least to the greatest, we all need a road home, wherever that home may be. Second, for the marginalized, the homeless and the most vulnerable of our community, finding and walking that road home requires a community that cares enough to make it possible.

Offering Hope. My Road Leads Home is about more than exposing and highlighting difficult issues like homelessness. My Road Leads Home is about offering one of life’s greatest intangibles, one that none of us can live without. It’s about offering hope. Hope that a community working together can solve critical community problems like homelessness. Hope that tomorrow will be better than today. Hope that, even in our darkest moments of life, we are surrounded by people who care, people who want to help and who want to make a difference; people like you. In other words, we all need hope that we aren’t alone on life’s journey.

Welfare. An ancient Hebrew prophet once wrote to a group of struggling exiles, telling them,“Seek the welfare of the city . . . .  for in its welfare you will find your welfare.” (Jeremiah 29:7). There’s a simple truth at work here. If you and I want peace, health, wholeness, and welfare for ourselves and our families, then we have to seek that same peace, health, wholeness and welfare for others and their families. Why? Because you and I are part of a community, and our personal welfare is tied to the welfare of others.

Faith. As a person of faith, I believe my calling is to seek the welfare – the Shalom – of those around me, not just their spiritual welfare, but their human welfare too. In the process, I’m called to be a “repairer of the breach” and a “restorer of streets to dwell in.” As people of faith, our calling is to repair the torn social fabric of our community and to work toward making our community a place where everyone can live in peace, health, wholeness, and welfare. That’s right. Shalom. And, by the way, it’s your calling too.

Community. It takes a community to solve community issues. No government or single private business, agency, charity, church or ministry can solve all of the issues, meet all the needs and answer all the challenges we’ll explore. Successfully engaging all of these issues requires a genuine community response. And there’s no greater opportunity for building community, than the one found in serving one another. As the early Christian community taught, “Each of you has been blessed with one of God’s many wonderful gifts to be used in the service of others. So use your gift well.” Now is the time to find your gift, and to use it well.

A Great Resource To Learn and Be Inspired!

Get Involved! The solution to homelessness, hunger and a host of other important issues in our community may be waiting for YOU to get involved and to make a difference! This is your chance to get involved and make a genuine difference in the larger conversation of how we treat one another. Find an issue and an agency that piques your interest, and get involved. If you need more encouragement (and don’t we all?!), get a copy of our book, 30 Days And 30 Ways Of Doing Good. We wrote it to educate, to motivate, and to inspire all of us to greater love and good deeds. Also, information on how to contact each of the organizations and service agencies featured in our documentaries is available here on the documentary home page by clicking on Resources in the menu.

Become Part of Our Documentary Support Team! Yes, we need team members like you. My Road Leads Home is a production of Rising River Media, a non-profit media and publishing company. In other words, our documentary work is financially supported through the generous gifts of people like you. There’s no big foundation behind us, paying the bills for making our documentaries. Let me personally invite you to become part of our documentary support team with your financial gift. Your financial gift can make a genuine difference in our ability to do what we do. Take a minute and check out our Donate page.

Schedule A Documentary Showing. You can get involved and make a difference by educating others! Consider sponsoring a documentary showing for your church or community organization. Our Executive Producer will come, introduce and show the documentary, answer audience questions and talk about how we can all serve the homeless and marginalized of our community! Send us an email today, and let us know that you and your group would like to schedule a documentary showing.

Our First Documentary. Our first full-length documentary is titled The Spokane Homeless Connect. This documentary looks at an annual event that highlights how a community can come together to offer practical, meaningful help to those struggling with homelessness, or trying hard to avoid it. At My Road Leads Home, we don’t want to run around documenting “homeless train wrecks.” We want to document people and agencies who know how to build railroads, who know how to make a difference, and who can teach us how to make a difference, too.

Our Next Documentary. Our next documentary, currently in production, is titled A Place To Call Home and is about families experiencing homelessness in our community, with a focus on the amazing work being done by Family Promise of Spokane and their Open Doors 24/7 Family Shelter. If you subscribe to our Documentary Updates, we’ll keep you in the loop as this new documentary progresses and we post new footage.

Discover Your Passion! Let us help you discover your passion and get involved. Check out our book, 30 Days and 30 Ways of Doing Good (and if you go to our Donate page, you’ll find a special book offer!) It offers daily readings on important community issues with articles written by people who work every day to make our Community a better place.