My Road Leads Home
A Documentary Series On Homelessness


Documentary Premiere An Amazing Success!

The Premiere of My Road Leads Home

Thanks to everyone who attended the Premiere of My Road Leads Home: Episode 1 – The Spokane Homeless Connect on Thursday evening, May 30, in the 3rd-floor event venue of the Spokane Public Library in downtown Spokane. More than 100 people filled the event venue to view the full-length documentary, to hear from the Executive Produce, to meet the documentary team and the planning committee for the 2019 Spokane Homeless Connect and to hear about plans for future documentaries. Rick Clark of Giving Backpacks and Julie Garcia of “Jewels Helping Hands” distributed 30 backpacks to our homeless guests and everyone enjoyed making new friends and helping begin a new conversation about addressing homelessness in our Community. Following the Premiere, the full-length documentary also aired multiple times on Community-Minded Television (Comcast Channel 14).

If you think you missed the Premiere and all the festivities, there’s good news! You can watch our video of the Premiere and discover what “Britain’s Got Talent” and Susan Boyle have to do with addressing homelessness in our community! And the entire full-length documentary is also available for viewing on our YouTube Channel. Share it on your Facebook page and tell your friends. It’s time to tell a better story and to set a new tone of seeking the welfare (the “Shalom”) of everyone in our Community.

Emmy Award-Winning Producer Joins Documentary Project

Rising River Media is pleased to announce that Emmy Award-winning Producer, Director and Scriptwriter Ken Fay is joining the My Road Leads Home documentary project as a Consulting Producer. “Ken Fay has both the heart and the professional skills to make a major contribution to this project,” according to Executive Producer Maurice Smith. “Ken will use his extensive professional experience to bring an elevated level of high-quality production values to new documentaries which are currently in the pre-production planning stage. Needless to say, we’re excited.”