My Road Leads Home
A Documentary Series On Homelessness

The Least Of These

Welcome to the latest installment in My Road Leads Home, our documentary film project on homelessness in Spokane. In early December of 2020, we began filming and editing a new documentary, “The Least of These: Communities of Faith Serving the Homeless,” focusing on a homeless warming shelter hosted by City Church of Spokane.

This documentary is specifically aimed at Churches, and other communities of faith, as a challenge to discover what it means to obey the New Testament admonitions to serve those marginalized individuals (including those experiencing homelessness) that Jesus referred to as “the least of these” (see Matthew 25:31-46).

Let me encourage you to share this documentary with your contacts. Encourage your pastor, your church, your family & friends, and your larger social circles to watch the film and to circulate it as widely as possible. You could even host a showing of the film for your Church or organization. It’s time to network and to challenge our larger Community to create the solutions we have been hoping for from others. It’s time to change the conversation about homelessness and to build the Shalom of our Community.