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A Documentary Series On Homelessness

The Night of the Unsheltered Homeless

Filmed throughout 2021, The Night of the Unsheltered Homeless is the latest documentary on homelessness from Rising River Media and Executive Producer Maurice Smith (who serves as the Host and Narrator). The first 10 minutes will hook you, and this 83-minute documentary will walk you through the need for low-barrier shelters, introducing you to the people whose lives have been lost by their absence, and those whose lives have been changed by their presence. You’ll discover a City that has shelter beds for only 52 out of 100 people experiencing homelessness. You’ll hear from people caught up in Law Enforcement sweeps of the homeless and from a Civil Rights attorney who explains why such sweeps don’t work. Finally, you’ll hear from community leaders openly discussing our City’s homeless policy, what’s working, what isn’t, and what needs to be done moving forward. Discover why The Night of the Unsheltered Homeless is being widely viewed with overwhelmingly positive reviews from a wide variety of people, including professional filmmakers who have encouraged us to turn our work into a regular series. They say it’s that good. Even “cinematic.” As one reviewer commented, “I felt like I was watching 60 Minutes.” We hope you’ll agree!

As a bonus, on this page below we’ve posted the full interviews we conducted with the community leaders and experts who appear (in shortened form) in the documentary.

Andrew Biviano, practicing attorney, on Law Enforcement sweeps of the homeless
Breean Beggs, Spokane City Council President, on City homeless policy and Shalom-building
Marchauna Rodgers, International Development Specialist, on poverty, justice, and Shalom-building
Rob Bryceson, Pastor at The Gathering House, on Spokane Homelessness and Shalom-building
Shawn Vestal, columnist for The Spokesman-Review, with a journalist’s observations on homelessness in Spokane
Samuel Murray, MD, Community Psychiatrist, on the impact of trauma and “shelter resistance” in the homeless community